Sewer Clog Q&A

A $49.95 Any Sewer Or Drain

Does regular toilet paper clog sewer lines?

Regular toilet paper usually does not clog the sewer line, but if paper towels and thick paper is used instead of regular toilet paper then the chances of a sewer getting clogged in increased.

$49.95 Sewer Service? Why so low?

The Original $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain is a leader in sewer and drain cleaning business. We are the pioneer of the $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain charge. Since we started to offer our services 15 years ago, we have maintained our low cost by providing sewer and drain cleaning services to our customer.

Our main sewer line is clogged we tried augers and enzymes and it still won't unclog?

Depending on the type of the clog you have in the main sewer line, using just an auger or enzymes will not unclog your sewer line. You will need an electrical sewer snake to unclog your main sewer line.

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